Brett Martin Plumbing & Drainage has added two new dual connection road gullies to the company’s wide range of underground drainage products.

Developed to meet the needs of installers, the gullies feature a 160mm outlet to accept 160mm Solid Pipe with a cutline to convert to a 150mm outlet for Twinwall Pipe connections – making it suitable for a wide range of applications from car parks to motorways.

Used to remove water efficiently from surface areas, the Brett Martin road gullies may be connected to two different sized outlet pipes (150mm Twinwall Pipe and 160mm Solid Pipe) depending on the gully location. Brett Martin has introduced the new dual connection gullies – coded ‘B9450’ and ‘B7450’ – to combine maximum flexibility, ease of installation, long-term reliability and major space saving benefits in transportation and storage.

The versatile new design means merchants can either create space whilst still carrying the same effective stock, or can double up on stock without using up any more valuable storage area. Contactors will obviously benefit from improved stock availability from their merchant supplier as well as always being assured that whatever connection is required, they will have the correct gully on-site.

The innovative stepped spigot outlet, which is easy to adapt from a 160mm (outer diameter) outlet to a 178mm (outer diameter) outlet by simply cutting along the defined cut line, will also eliminate the common problem of wrong sized outlets being delivered to site. With the products ideal for a range of connections, its inclusion in an installer’s inventory will prevent such unnecessary and costly delays during installation.

Available in two sizes – 450mm x 900mm invert and 450mm x 750mm invert – the ‘B9450’ and ‘B7450’ gullies are rotationally moulded using high density polyethylene (PE). This material is not only lightweight allowing for an easier installation but is also strong and durable offering proven chemical resistance and ensures exceptional long term performance in challenging underground conditions. Additional benefits for the installer include that the new gullies are trapped and include a reusable bung for rodding access.

“We are delighted to offer another new and innovative product that offers cost savings, versatility and storage benefits to merchants and contractors alike,” said Graham Smith, Brett Martin Plumbing & Drainage Sales Director. “With space often at a premium the dual connection road gullies prove a perfect addition to our popular and ever growing range of plumbing and drainage systems.”

Brett Martin Plumbing and Drainage has built a solid reputation on product development and service to its customers, and these introductions will only help to enhance that reputation further.