Caccia Engineering Advances Rotomoulding Control With 493K

“Caccia Engineering have been designing and manufacturing machines for the processing of plastic materials for over 50 years,” said Dr Gareth McDowell, Managing Director, 493K.

“Today Caccia is a worldwide industrial organization with a production in Samarate, Italy, just 10 km from the Intercontinental Milan Malpensa-Airport,” said McDowell, “they have the experience and capacity to incorporate the best components and service options for all their clients. So, when Caccia chooses 493K’s K-Kontrol to support its rotomoulding monitoring framework, it’s a big shout-out for the 493K brand.”

“Caccia Engineering’s technological revolution in the field of machinery for the rotational moulding of hollow pieces in plastic materials has been a great leap forward for our industry. They listened to customers’ demands and their technicians’ suggestions, producing a series of software and mechanical improvements that continue to represent a real technological breakthrough.”

“Caccia have been considered as a reference point for rotomoulding customers and competitors worldwide, thanks to the reliability of their machines and their continuous innovation. Caccia has added 493K’s K-KONTROL to enhance the depth and complexity of their monitoring systems. K-Kontrol is able to reveal the reality on the inside of your rotomoulding systems, it helps moulders enhance their command and control of the moulding cycle.”

“493K produced K-Kontrol after years of laboratory research, consuming intense volumes of industry data, and advanced practical trials. Testing in in many varied conditions across the globe, K-Kontrol is the roto-moulding ‘App’ you’ve been waiting for, an App which Caccia is now plugged into.”

“The series of software and mechanical improvements present in all Caccia Engineering’s machines and the choice made by the department of Industrial Automation & Software Development is based on the analysis of using only the world’s best leading brands of PLC, inverters and man/machine interfaces present on the market. Caccia Engineering has been a forerunner in the supply of machines equipped with a PC on board since the 80’s. Such flexibility cannot be provided by using just a simple operator panel. Today, Caccia uses K-Kontrol.

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