Call for Education Papers – 2013 International Conference

You are invited to submit your education paper to IDSA’s Education Symposium, Aug. 21, 2013, held in conjunction with IDSA’s 2013 International Conference.

The theme of the conference is Breaking the Rules. By breaking existing rules, we can create better ones – this is what design is all about. The conference will be full of energetic, enthusiastic and extraordinary thoughts from everyone who is seeking ways to break the rules – which rules to break, when to break them and just how hard. 

We are looking forward to participation from the design educators and graduate students, who are seeing and making changes in the field of teaching and research to discover new ways of breaking the rules.

Sooshin Choi
IDSA Education VP
2013 IDSA Education Symposium Chair

Abstract Submission Protocol:
You must submit abstracts online.
Make the body of the abstract blind without any reference to your name, company or school.
Keep the abstract as brief as possible – between 200 and 400 words with no artwork.
Write both abstract and paper in the third person.

Note: Approval of the abstract does not guarantee presentation at the conference or publication on IDSA’s website. The jury will make the final evaluation for acceptance into any category on review of the finished paper.

Accepted papers will be assigned to either oral-presentation or poster-presentation. The jury reserves the right to recommend that a paper is presented in oral session or poster session, at their discretion.

We are specifically looking for design relevant topics in the following areas.
Breaking the Rules – Influence: Design education for undergraduate, graduate and K-12
Breaking the Rules – Impact: Design and the society, community, environment, politics and economy
Breaking the Rules – Innovation: Design and technology, method and strategy
Breaking the Rules – Intelligence: Design research, thinking and theory

Review Criteria for Abstracts and Papers
Papers accepted at IDSA’s International Conference include scholarly works from academia and industry. IDSA’s Education Council, along with support from IDSA’s special interest areas, reviews the submissions and promotes high standards of excellence among submissions. As an aid to those submitting their work for review, the Council offers the following guidelines used to steer the jury process:

The abstract or paper has intellectual merit and impact, and it is thought provoking and provocative. The conclusions are important, clearly stated and consistent with the observations and the implications for design education and the profession are apparent.

The abstract or paper shows observations; techniques and vision that are fresh and forward thinking, challenge existing norms and advance the profession.

The subject is relevant to industrial design education and practice, both nationally and internationally.

The proposal or objective is well defined.
Findings and data are clearly stated, logically reported, and build to a sound and relevant
Methodology and references are cited; research protocol is defensible.

Well written:
The abstract or paper is succinct, well written and proofed, interesting and easy to understand.

Important Deadlines and Information:
Abstract deadline extension: Sunday, March 17, 2013.
Notification of Acceptance of Abstracts: Wednesday, April 24, 2013
Abstract must be submitted via an Online Submission Form.
Notifications will be sent via email from
Submit your paper for consideration here.


 For questions about submission, email Donna Prince at For general questions about the Education Symposium, contact Sooshin Choi at