Chroma expands its production capabilities

MCHENRY, IL USA — Chroma Corporation has added another twin-screw extruder to its production floor. Last year the company added six new extruders to their production facility to enable the company to offer quicker turn around and shorter lead times on their continually growing small order segment of the business. Tom Bolger, Chroma’s President and CEO states “these new extruders give Chroma the opportunity to expand the small order segment of the business and continue to offer the just in time shipments of small lot color concentrates. While this additional capacity is suited for all resin types they are designed to handle Chroma’s rapidly expanding engineering resin business. Stu Swain said “Chroma’s engineering resin business has been growing faster than all of the other resin types in each of the last 4 years, so we needed to expand our capabilities in this area” Stu elaborates that “polycarbonate, polyethersulfone, nylon, and the polyester family have grown at a rate of 20% per year”.

Last year the company also completed a Laboratory expansion, which more than doubled the size of their color development laboratory by adding six new 38-ton injection molding machines. They have also added additional extruders to their Color Development and Product Development laboratory. The addition was to accommodate current and future growth and to facilitate shorter lead-times on their product development projects.

In the past several years, Chroma’s has introduced several innovative products: Biodegradable master batches, light diffused master batches, Photoluminescent products, antimicrobials, Cool color colors and compounds, Frosted colors for PET, Covert authentification master batches, VIBLO (visible in black light only) colors, and Photoluminescent compounds.

Chroma Corporation is a global thermoplastic compounded raw material leader and offers the broadest range of custom color, special effect, and specialty additives in master batches and pre-compounded products in commodity and engineering thermoplastic resins for extrusion, injection molding, blown film and a multitude of other processes and applications including rotational molding. Founded in 1967, it now employs more than 115 people. For more information, please see or e-mail