Clariant gives designers and brand managers vital insight with new color palettes

Clariant Launches ColorForward 2013 – the 7th Annual Color Forecasting Guide for the Plastics Industry

MUTTENZ, SWITZERLAND — Color is a powerful communications tool with the ability to convey emotions and stories. It has deep connections with cultural, political, religious and social influences, as we all respond to color psychologically and intuitively. In a world filled with conflicts and pressures, the impact of color, whether conscious or subliminal, can bring value to our lives by positively influencing our moods. It can take us from sad to happy, tired to alert, anxious to calm. In knowledgeable hands, valuable guidance can be provided for applying color to real-world challenges to achieve desired outcomes. In the world of plastics, that guidance comes from Clariant’s ColorWorks™ and its ColorForward™ color design tool.

ColorForward is a dedicated color forecasting service in the plastics industry, now in its 7th year. The newly launched ColorForward 2013 is a welcome event for designers and marketers of plastics products. Industry-wide, ColorForward’s predictions help define what colors consumers will respond to in the years ahead. The service has proven to be of great value to manufacturers of all types of products, giving them a head start on using the power of color to influence consumer purchasing decisions.

ColorForward’s color predictions are based on intensive research of the most influential societal trends around the world. Uncovering the most significant trends and the colors they engender is not a simple task. Each ColorForward forecast package is based on a year-long effort that involves hundreds of plastics industry and trend analysis experts from around the world. Color specialists from industries as diverse as architecture, textiles, packaging, housewares, automotive and fashion all participate in the process. Many trends are considered, but only the ones with true global impact make the final cut. 

The color selections for 2013 are based on four powerful societal trends that are deemed to have the strongest global impact in the near time frame.

The color palettes of these trends are quite varied and will give designers much to think about. “But that’s the idea,” says Cristina Carrara, Designer at ColorWorks Europe and a member of the Clariant Masterbatches global ColorForward team. “The colors are conceptual ideas. They are meant to inspire the imagination.” Carrara also points out that the colors can be mixed and matched, and freely adapted to the needs of local markets or blended with regional influences.

”Our customers are eager to work with the next release of ColorForward every year,” says Maurizio Torchio, Head of ColorWorks Europe. “Finding it an inspiring and serious design tool. It is a challenging, creative puzzle they really have fun with.”

Anyone interested in learning more about ColorForward can visit and click on the Color Trends tab. Clariant also offers seminars at the seven ColorWorks locations as well as at selected conferences and at customer sites.
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