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2012 RotoWorld® Editorial Calendar
Bi-Monthly Magazine for the Rotational Molding & Plastics Design Industries

Issue 1: (JAN/FEB) Manufacturing & Processing
Crossing Barriers with Ease
Gough Plastics’ (Australia) Track Pad & Poly Gabion System continues a History of Caring about People and the Planet with Passion (by Leisa Donlan, ARMA CEO)
5th Annual Nordic ARM Conference Highlights
Held in Södertälje, Sweeden (by Susan Gibson, JSJ Productions, Inc.)
What’s Your Dream?
The Widmer Rotationally Molded Boat Hull (by Anders Stone, Widmer Enterprises)
2012 StAR Conference Highlights
A big success in Delhi! (by Susan Gibson, JSJ Productions, Inc.)
2011 ARM Hall of Fame Inductees: Jim Leitz and Daven Claerbout
The highest honor ARM bestows (by Susan Gibson, JSJ Productions, Inc.)

Issue 2: (MAR/APR) Research & Technology
Persico Collaborates on the New Plastic Cipac Pioner 14 Active Boat (English & italian)
As sole supplier for design know-how and rotational moulding equipment
Persico: Un solo fonitore per il know-how progettuale e l’attrezzatura per solo
stampaggio rotazionale per la barca Cipac Pioner 14 Active. (by Sergio Zilioli, Persico S.p.A.)
Vertical Agitator
Conversion using rotational molding (by Alongkorn Kanokboriboon, SCG Chemicals)
How to be SUPACOOL / SUPACOOL – state freschil (English & Italian)
Reducing cooling cycle time. (by Rory Jones, La Plastenica Ltd)
About Rotomolding / ?Que es el Rotomoldeo? (English & Spanish)
Versatility and capability. (by Professor Roy J. Crawford, Waikato University, and Susan Gibson, JSJ Productions, Inc.)

Issue 3: (MAY/JUNE) Product Design
Design Considerations for Rotational Molding with Furniture!
A coming of age for Rotationally Molded Furniture! (by Design Editor Michael Paloian, Integrated Design Systems)  
Molder V Supplier
A Case Study for Industry Standards (by Leisa Donlan, ARMA CEO)    
What are You Reading?
Most informative reading for rotomolders (by Global Contributor Dru Laws, Seljan Co.)
2012 ARMA Convention Highights
Melbourne, Australia (by Jennifer Gibson, JSJ Productions, Inc.)
Polimeros Hosts Rotomolding Conference in Cancun
Technical updates for regional attendance (by Process Editor Paul Nugent, MNOP)
RotoWorld Goes Viral
Introducing new and innovative electronic interface (by Susan Gibson, JSJ Productions, Inc.)
Hedstrom Plastics is Growing
Acquisitions and New Innovations

Issue 4: (JULY/AUG) 2012-2013 RotoWorld Buyers’ Guide
Blow Holes: A Case Study
Looking at blow holes that occur with crosslinkable resins (By Richard Levesque, Ingenia Polymers)
Process Growth
In the Rotomolding Machine (by Global Contributor Dru Laws, Seljan Co.)
Persico & Total Collaborate in Nembro
New technology and advances
A Vital Link: Secondary Processes
Making it all come together
Copy Deadline: July 1, 2012

Issue 5: (SEPT/OCT) End User
A Look Back at Rotomolding Technology
Compared to today (by Process Editor Paul Nugent, MNOP)
Disney: A World of Fantasy & Innovation
And a world of rotomolded products (by Leisa Donlan, ARMA CEO)
Training for Progress
Training & keeping good roto personnel (by Global Contributor Bob Dunne)
What Roto Offers the OEM!
A look at Rotational Molding Selling Points (by Susan Gibson, JSJ Productions, Inc.)
Copy Deadline: September 1, 2012

Issue 6: (NOV/DEC) World Markets
ARMO Takes Place in Lyon, France
Worldwide Conference Highlights (by Jennifer Gibson, JSJ Productions, Inc.)
The Hippo Roller Project
Where it started and where it is today! (by Susan Gibson, JSJ Productions, Inc.)
Rotational Molding: The World Market
A Statistical look at the geographic industry
ARM Fall Meeting Highlights
Minneapolis, MN (by Susan Gibson, JSJ Productions, Inc.)
The Global Family of Roto!
Leaders and more leaders A Comparison: Australian Standards & US Standards
A look at the difference (by Ian Hansen, Bushmans, New Zealand)

Copy Deadline: November 1, 2012

2012 Departments
Publisher’s Editorial Note (Susan Gibson – Publisher/Editor)
2012 RotoWorld® Editorial Contributors
Up Front & In The News
Energy (Bill Spenceley – Department Contributor)
Design Commentary (Mike Paloian – Design Editor)
ARM Report (ARM Editorial Section)
The Cutting Edge (Leisa Donlan – Department Contributor)
ARMA/AISR/ARMSA/BPF/Nordic ARM/StAR/ARM-CE Update (Editorial Section)
Notes From the Road (Paul Nugent – Manufacturing Editor)
Global Calendar
Looking Back
World Marketplace & Classifieds
Advertisers’ Guide

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