Hainan Huasheng New Material Technology Co. Ltd. chooses to outfit what will be one of China’s largest polycarbonate plants with Maag pumps, pelletizing systems, and screen changers.

maagOBERGLATT, SWITZERLAND — PRNewswire – Maag, part of Dover (NYSE: DOV), and a leading worldwide manufacturer of gear pumps, pelletizing, and filtration systems, is pleased and proud to announce it has finalized a contract with Hainan Huasheng New Material Technology Co. Ltd. to supply pumps, pelletizing systems, and screen changers for its new polycarbonate-production facility.

When completed in 2020, the facility will be capable of producing up to 260 kilotons per annum (573 million pounds per year) of polycarbonate, which is used worldwide as a base compound in the manufacture of electronic, automotive, aircraft, railway and security components, construction materials, and data-storage devices. This new plant will be located in the Hainan Dongfang Industrial Park in Hainan Province in Southern China.

Maag was chosen by Hainan Huasheng to outfit its new production facility because since the 1980s, Maag has built a reputation as a provider of dependable, durable, safe, and efficient equipment and systems that are used in the production of polycarbonate. In fact, today upwards of 90% of the globally produced polycarbonate is done so with the assistance of Maag equipment.

Maag gear pumps are ideal for use in polycarbonate manufacturing because they possess the operational reliability that is required in 24/7 production cycles. Maag pumps are available in an extensive range of materials of construction, which allows them to be configured to meet the user’s unique operational requirements. Product quality is guaranteed through the pump’s stable discharge rates and low tolerance deviations, which result in overall process stability.

Maag has been a world leader in developing and supplying pelletizing systems to the polycarbonate market for many years, and currently has more than 200 production lines in operation, some of which feature a pelletizing system that can produce up to 14 tons (28,000 pounds) of polycarbonate per hour. The performance and reputation of Maag Automatik’s pelletizing systems are also strengthened by their symmetry with the Gala and Scheer pelletizing brands, which have also been market leaders for many decades.

Designed for use in upstream and downstream extrusion and filtration processes, Maag is the only manufacturer to offer archtype screen changers that are available as standard equipment on pressure-adaptive sealing systems. This capability ensures that the screen changeover can be completed without any costly interruption in production schedules.

For more information on Maag’s complete portfolio of pumps, pelletizing systems, and screen changers, or any of its other products, please visit maag.com.

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