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Hauser Inc. announces increased Pulverizer Disk Grinding Capability to 32” Diameter…

Hauser Inc. is excited to announce the addition of a machine that will allow them to manufacture and sharpen pulverizer disks up 32” diameter.

Hauser currently manufactures and sharpens pulverizer disks to 23” diameter.  This machine addition allows Hauser to add more capability and grind disks up to 32” diameter.  Hauser re-tooled an existing CNC grinder to increase the size and quantity of pulverizer disks they are able to grind.

Sharpening is offered on all Hauser and OEM manufactured disks in single cut or double cut.  The sharpening price is not affected by wear of the disk.

Hauser Inc. manufactures the disk blanks and the grinding wheels in house.  Hauser also builds their own grinding machines in-house.  This allows Hauser to offer a great product at a lower price.

About Hauser

Hauser Inc. has been in business for 23 years in Michigan.  Hauser Inc. moved to their current location in Ottawa Lake, Michigan in 2003 and in 2013 doubled the size of their manufacturing facility.  Hauser originally specialized in manufacturing and sharpening plated grinding wheels and solid carbide cutting tools.  Hauser also began building CNC grinding equipment for their own in-house use.  Through their contacts with pulverizer disk manufacturers and regrinders they supplied first grinding wheels and then CNC grinders to this industry. Their experience supporting the grinding wheels and the CNC grinding equipment has allowed Hauser to come full circle to the point of manufacturing new and resharpening disks.  Hauser brings over 15 years experience in the pulverizer grinding field to the table.  They manufacture all the products in-house at their Ottawa Lake, Michigan location, which allows Hauser to offer lower costs to customers.