High Performance Pulverizers

Company Profile

With the acquisition of the American company Reduction Engineering Scheer Inc. in Kent, Ohio in October 2015 by Maag Pump Systems AG, the Swiss company has added pulverizers to the product portfolio of the Maag group of companies. Maag’s unique position helps our customers design systems around their applications. Maag recommends a solution based in your process and not on the equipment, our approach will give you the best total cost of ownership.

Founded in 1992 Kent/Ohio based Reduction Engineering Inc. developed and manufactured its first pulverizers in close cooperation with local Rotational Molding companies with the aim of improving the available technology for pulverizing at that time. Constant development and improvements over the time lead to the current product portfolio with of four different types of pulverizers with different sizes. Up to now more than 800 Reduction Engineering pulverizers are in operation worldwide.

The REX duoPLUS pulverizer is catering to the end user with an appetite for quantities of high quality powder and production rates. Efficient utilization of its entire available horsepower makes the REX duo series the most economical pulverizer with relation to pounds produced over power consumed. Versatility in its design makes it capable of pulverizing two different materials at the same time, and provides up to four different output streams. The pulverizer can produce particle size ranging from 600 to 840 microns, depending on the materials. Maag offers a wide range of pulverizer systems based on your through put needs. We can test and verify your product in our in house production scale pulverizer and with our laboratory scale rotational molder.

Micro pellets are often used in rotational molding processes, where the major advantage over powder is the elimination of the two-step compounding and grinding operations. Micro pellets are virtually dust free compared to powder. With micro pellets being uniform in shape and having a tight distribution, cycle times and/or temperatures can be reduced by using micro pellets. Masterbatch micro pellets allow very accurate dosing at low rates, good dispersion and easy and efficient clean-up compared to powdered pigments. Additional applications for micro pellets include clothing decoration, floor and sports surface applications, toner, insecticide, and more. Micro pellets are typically around 0.5 mm to 1.0 mm diameter compared to an industry standard pellet size of around 3 mm.
Pulverized material and Micro pellets both have advantages and we firmly believe that the use of our technology needs to be driven by your application and business needs. Maag will help you with the design the process that best suits your needs and budget. We will continue to adhere to what has gotten us this far and the philosophy that will carry us into the future in the Rotational Molding industry.

As the industry leader, Maag’s global footprint has been established with facilities in Europe, South East Asia, China and the US. Maag’s centers of excellence are here to serve our global customers as well as the local customers in these regions. Maag offers complete turnkey solutions, global technical service and optimization of existing equipment.

In order to continue to better serve our customers with local support, Maag offers testing capabilities for the US in our two lab facilities in Kent, Ohio and Roanoke, Virginia and for Europe in our German facility in Grossostheim near Frankfurt. We recently opened our newest Sales Service Center in India, which will be stocking parts and servicing not only for the Rotomolding market segment, but will be offering all of Maag’s products. The opening of the new India service facility follows the recent expansion of Maag’s sales and service center in Thailand as well. The center in Thailand will have a production scale pulverizer on sight as well as the capability of producing micro pellets before years end. These facilities will allow our customers to have access to readily available spare parts, testing and field service.

Maag will continue to innovate, providing “game changing” technology always focused on your needs and demands.

For more information, contact Iris Fischer, Marketing Manager iris.fischer@maag.com – Telefon: +41 44 278 8349.