Industry Veterans Team Up to Serve European Roto Market

NORTHAMPTON, UK – Four long-established companies, each led by roto industry veterans, have combined forces in order to supply innovative specialist equipment to the European rotomoulding industry.

The four companies are:

  • Reduction Engineering Inc., based in Kent, Ohio, USA, who manufacture pulverizing equipment
  • Rotoline Equipment Industriais Ltda, based in Chapecó, Brazil, who manufactures rotomoulding machines
  • Reduction International LLC, based in Weston, Florida, USA, who currently distribute Reduction Engineering and Rotoline equipment throughout Latin America; and
  • Rotomotive Limited, based in Northampton, UK, a research and consultancy company.

Under the new deal, Reduction International will extend its distribution arrangements with Rotoline and Reduction Engineering to cover countries in the European Community and European Free Trade Area.

Local commercial and technical support will be provided by Rotomotive, who will set up a demonstration and trial facility at its UK Technical Centre, featuring a Rotoline two-arm shuttle machine and a Reduction Engineering pulveriser. This will enable European customers to experience the features and benefits of the equipment, hands-on, before they purchase and will provide an on-going service and development capability to support existing clients.

Bob Sly, President of Reduction Engineering and Rotoline, explained the background to the new arrangements: “We have been working with our good friend and colleague, Carlos Garcia of Reduction International, for a number of years and his company has done a great job in promoting our equipment throughout Latin America. Recently Carlos indicated a strong interest in taking up distribution rights for our equipment in Europe and, with our full support, we know that he will be able to extend his successful operation into this area. When he told us that he had involved another old friend, Dr. Nick Henwood of Rotomotive, in his European venture, we were even more certain of a successful outcome.”

Carlos Garcia, President of Reduction International, added:
“The equipment provided by our two principals has found wide acceptance throughout the world, including in the European area. Rotoline shuttle machines represent a really competitive combination of reliable operation, superior roto technology and high production output. Reduction Engineering pulverisers are already responsible for grinding much of the polyethylene used by the European roto industry and our new Model 85 machine has been designed specifically with the medium-sized European rotomoulder in mind.”

Dr. Nick Henwood, Managing Director of Rotomotive, commented:
“In my time, I have been a customer of Reduction Engineering and have bought a number of their machines. So I know that their products are excellent. Recently I have carried out extensive trials on a Rotoline shuttle machine and I can vouch for its excellent design and easy operation. Like many sectors, the European roto industry has suffered from the recent downturn of manufacturing, but we aim to be ready as moulders re-establish their markets and look to future expansion. Most of the rotomoulders I know have a distinctly hands-on approach and I believe that the new trial and demo facilities we will be offering at Rotomotive will be extremely welcome.”

The new arrangements were formally announced at the recent Pan-European conference of ARMO, the Affiliation of Rotational Moulding Organisations, in Lyon France.

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