JSC Rotational received a visit from local MP Karen Lumley, the Conservative member for Redditch

The event was part of the British Plastics Federation’s (BPF) campaign to promote the UK plastics industry

Mark Drinkwater, Karen Lumley MP and Karen Drinkwater

WORCESTERSHIRE, UK — Lumley was met by JSC Rotational’s managing directors Karen and Mark Drinkwater together with BPF executive Jonathan Bloom. Drinkwater, who is also the BPF’s Rotational Moulding Group chair, told the MP that the government needs to do more to encourage school leavers into apprenticeship schemes.

“There needs to be a cultural change and a push from UK government to encourage people to work within the manufacturing industry. School league tables should promote alumni not only attending university but also joining good quality apprenticeship schemes.” Bloom added: “We are delighted that yet another BPF member has had the opportunity to met with its local MP and promote the industry and rotational moulding. The BPF’s campaign is continuing to be a great success and I urge BPF members to continue liaising with their parliamentarians.”

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