Manufacturing Without the Factory

Sustainable manufacturing took a step forward recently when LightManufacturing announced performance and pricing information for its Solar Rotational Molding systems. The company also shared a detailed look at the process in a 3-minute video.

LightManufacturing claims its off-grid plastic molding systems will transform the market for large plastic objects like water tanks and boats, and potentially improve access to clean water and sanitation around the globe. The firm’s flagship SRM2 system is a ‘factory in a box’ which sets up on bare land in two days and allows customers to mold large plastic parts entirely with solar energy. Pricing ranges from $80,000 to just below $100,000, depending on features.

“You can make useful parts entirely off-grid,” said LightManufacturing CEO Karl von Kries, “And you can do it at much lower cost than with a traditional grid-tied facility.”  SRM systems don’t require a building, natural gas supply, or concrete slab, von Kries continued, “which is why we say our systems offer ‘Manufacturing without the Factory’.”

The company claims that its SRM factories operate anywhere with good available sunlight, with over 49 percent of the Earth’s land suitable for year-round molding and an even larger area suitable for seasonal molding.

For more information, contact Karl Von Kries at (415) 796-6475 x702.