New MIG® plus graphic system from MIGS® helps build the “Ozzi Kleen” brand in Australia

Old stencilled logos

Ozzi Kleen Mobile System, with new MIG® plus graphics

Mal Close, Managing Director of Suncoast Waste Water Management in Australia, decided it was time to upgrade to a permanent branding solution for his “Ozzi Kleen” range of rotomoulded Transportable Sewage Treatment Systems. He researched his options and quickly concluded that Mold In Graphic Systems® had the answer: Mold In Graphics®, an exceptionally durable labelling technology, would give him the lifetime brand exposure he needed for his mobile “Ozzi Kleen” sewerage systems. Stencilled logos were simply no longer up to scratch. Mal also needed permanent Warning and Safety labels.

As it happens, both SWWM and MIGS® celebrate their 30-year anniversaries this year. Mal figured that if MIGS® has been in business as long as his own company, they must be doing something right! While it is easy to make bold claims about your products, results and experience are what count. A solid reputation built on a three-decade-long track record is exceptional.

SWWM has designed and developed a packaged, modular sewerage system for remote rural communities as well as work camps for mining and construction projects. The system can be skid mounted or packaged into multiple shipping containers. The sewerage systems have to be extremely robust as they are often moved and relocated every couple of weeks. Structural integrity is critical and tank wall thicknesses of up to 20 mm thick are essential. The tanks are often road hauled with up to 15 tonnes of effluent and so structural failure is not an option. The tanks are also nearly always used in the harshest outback conditions imaginable – and not just in Australia. Today “Ozzi Kleen” treatment systems are operating in more than 16,000 locations in Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Timor, Vanuatu, Laos, Guam, Torres Strait Islands, Timor-Leste, and the UAE.

Mal says, “Our mobile systems are highly visible, not only on location, but also on the road. Mold In Graphics® are working really well for us now as our products are being noticed on the highways, as the systems are being delivered to the various construction sites. We are completely confident that our “Ozzi Kleen” brand will survive the harshest handling and environmental conditions”.

SWWM is also one of the first Mold In Graphic Systems® customers in Australia to use their new MIG® plus Mold In Graphic®. As part of a process of continuous improvement, MIGS® recently launched their new, quicker and easier to apply MIG® plus graphic system. Separate aerosol adhesive is no longer needed to place the graphic on the mould, as it is now pre-printed onto the graphic surface. A newly developed high intensity pigment package also results in brighter, bolder, and more opaque logos. No foreign substrates or inks are used – just pure colour compounded PE. 100% compatible with the products they are moulded into and completely recyclable.

Paul Jones, moulding manager, says, “I love them. From a production point of view they are a pleasure to use – simple and easy. MIGS® has really nailed it with their new heat-activated adhesive. There is no sticky residue to clean off the mould or off the plastic. Once it is moulded, it’s done. Simply exceptional.”

Mal has the last word: “My Marketing team is happy, my Production team is happy and I get to see our “Ozzi Kleen” logos when I am on the road – so I’m happy too.”

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