New Water-based Mold Release Eliminates Coining and Pockmarking In Rotational Molding XLPE

Woodside, NY USA – Axel Plastics Research Laboratories announces a new water-based mold release, MoldWiz® WB-4606, that is ideally suited to rotational molding XLPE (cross-linked PE). According to AXEL’s Product Manager, Nancy Teufel, MoldWiz WB-4606 has proven to be particularly effective eliminating coining and pockmarking, surface defects that are common when molding XLPE. The mold release provides ample release for the XLPE resin, yet maintains provides a low surface tension that still permits the resin to easily coalesce. In the end, parts release easier and have none of the surface defects that so commonly occur when molding XLPE. “Our customers tell us that they have substantially reduced scrap rates resulting from surface defects since using MoldWiz WB-4606”, says Teufel.

MoldWiz WB-4606 is a, proprietary emulsion of polyolefins, organic fatty acids and siloxane based polymer in combination with wetting agents and surfactant in a water vehicle. The product is 100% water-based and non-flammable, making it user friendly and easy to store.

MoldWiz WB-4606 is just one of the hundreds of products produced by AXEL, a 71 year old, ISO 9001 registered manufacturer of proprietary mold releases and process aid additives. All of AXEL’s products are REACH compliant and formulated from raw materials that comply with major worldwide chemical regulatory lists. Customers are served both through direct sales and by a network of 32 stockings distributors located in 25 countries around the globe. AXEL encourages requests for evaluation samples by visiting the company’s web site at: or e-mailing

For further information, samples, technical data sheets or for the name of a representative in your area, please contact Nancy Teufel at Axel, Box 77 0855, Woodside, New York 11377 (USA) |toll free 800-332-AXEL (2935) | 718-672-8300 extension 16, email: