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Products and Services Index

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Auxiliary Equipment, Components & Supplies: Consulting Services:
Fasteners Advertising, Internet, Marketing & Public Relations
Fittings End Use Development
Mold Clamps Product Design
Molded-In Inserts Machine Design
Tank Accessories Mold Design & Engineering
Graphics – In-Mold Process Flow & Optimization
Graphics – Post-Mold Research
Mold Release Agents (Semi-Permanent) Technical Education
Spin Weld Fittings Legal Consulting
Welding Equipment Others:
Welding Rod/Custom Colored
Decorating, Finishing & Printing Systems Specialized Services:
Impact Test Equipment Custom Grinding
Laboratory Testing Equipment Custom Blending
Custom Compounding
QC Testing – Raw Materials
Material Preparation Equipment: QC Testing – Molded Parts
Grinders & Pulverizing Equipment Packaging
Mixers & Blenders Trucking
Material Handling Equipment Warehousing
Material Transfer Systems Others:
Powder Testing Equipment
Chemicals & Additives:
Processing Equipment: UV Stabilizers
Carousel Machines – Fixed Arms Colorants – Dry Blend
Carousel Machines – Independent Arms Colorants – Masterbatch
Rock & Roll Machines Adhesives
Shuttle Machines Others:
CNC Routers
Agricultural Products
Mold Making: Automotive
Models & Patterns Blow Molding
Cast Molds Containers
Fabricated Molds Custom Molding
Machined Molds Design Services
Mold Release Coatings (Permanent) Floor Care
Industrial Products
Materials: Injection Molding
LDPE Lighting
LLDPE Material Handling Products
mLLDPE Marine Products
HDPE Playground Equipment
Nylon Recreation/Sporting Goods
Polycarbonate Storage
PP Tanks (All Kinds)
PVC Thermoforming
Polyurethane Foam Toys
Vacuum Forming

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