Plastics Company Sees Demand For Recycled Materials Increase

MIDDLETOWN OH USA – Recycled plastic is being found in more and more products by request of both consumers and manufacturers. Recycling plastic is a service many cities see as beneficial enough to offer as a part of a standard waste management package. Consumers see reminders to recycle plastic packaging on labels and bins often strategically placed next to purchase areas. A newer label now becoming common is the amount of post-consumer waste in a product or packaging. Now not only recycling the item is important, but also making the item, or at least part of it, out of recycled materials adds value to consumer and manufacturer. Recycling plastic is common in many applications. Rotational molding has many opportunities to recycle products. Scrap materials are collected, cleaned, ground into plastic products, and made a uniform color. It can then be processed to make a variety of parts ranging from secondary containment products, laundry carts, bulk storage containers and more. A growing number of rotomolded products are being manufactured out of recycled materials. However, food or medical grade applications must be manufactured in certified virgin prime materials with the use of recycled material.

Granger Plastics Company takes advantage of recycling and reusing al l of its scrap material sand encourages all of its customers who would benefit to take advantage of recycled and reprocessed materials. A growing number of new customers are requesting recycled materials to meet or comply with corporate green initiatives. It saves money, which is an obvious advantage. There is however accelerating pressure for companies to go as green as possible, taking responsible actions to help the ecosystem. Using recycled material in manufacturing is an easy way to offset consumption and have a greener process. Granger Plastics Company offers a complementary product analysis for any customer interested in weighing options for using recycled materials.

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