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This Privacy Policy applies to the website (“Site”), and products and services of or accessible from or in relation to the Site or JSJ Productions, Inc. (“JSJP”), owner of the Site (collectively, “Services”). JSJP reserves the right, in its discretion, to amend and change this policy from time to time. In addition to this Privacy Policy, JSJP may post on the Site or otherwise provide notice to you of additional, modified or further policies applicable to Services and your access and use of those Services, including the Site. By your acceptance of the Terms of Use Agreement, you accept this Privacy Policy and all such other policies applicable to Services and the Site, and you expressly consent and agree to the collection, storage, use and disclosure of your personal and company information as described in this Privacy Policy.  This Privacy Policy is effective upon your acceptance of the Terms of Use Agreement, and continues thereafter unless and until modified by JSJP in its discretion.

JSJP collects personal and company information when you register for, use, access, and/or provide information to or in connection with Services, including in connection with or through the Site. Such information may include, without limitation, your name, user ID, password, e-mail address, mailing address, age, phone and facsimile number, company details, and other information. In addition, JSJP captures login, access, access duration, content viewed, and other information relevant to users’ access and use of Services (for example, community discussions, chats and correspondence through or sent to the Site, interactions with the Site, computer and connection information, statistics on page views, traffic to and from the Site, Ad data, IP address and standard web log information). You consent to transfer and storage of all such information on JSJP’s (or its supplier’s) servers located in the United States.

JSJP will not sell or rent your personal information to third parties without your consent. JSJP may use your information for purposes of Services, such as to improve and personalize such services or for JSJP’s business initiatives. JSJP may provide to third parties certain collective or statistical information based on your personal and company information.

You agree that JSJP may use your personal and company information, as well as other information collected by JSJP in connection with your registration, use, access and transactions for or on the Site, for Services, resolution of disputes, collecting fees, troubleshooting, addressing potentially harmful, offensive or unlawful activities, enforcing the Terms of Use Agreement, assessing, improving, evaluating, verifying and operating the Site and JSJP’s business (including, for example, JSJP’s business with service providers, third parties, business associates, advertisers, and in connection with business transactions), and target marketing, services updates, and promotions of services and third party services to you or others. You also agree that JSJP may disclose personal and company information, including personal identification and other details, to respond to legal requirements, enforce policies, respond to claims of violations, protect JSJP or third party rights, property or concerns, and in connection with law enforcement or governmental laws, rules or regulations, or contract requirements.

The Site may afford you opportunity to input information for display on the Site or for reflection in aggregate, collective, statistical or other information of the Site, such as feedback, ratings, chat messages, community forum discussion, interests, business relationships or contacts, advertisements, employment, industry happenings or concerns, and other specific or detailed items. Information that you provide shall be identified with you and your company as source, such as by your user ID.  If you associate your name or details with your user ID, others who know you by your user ID will be able to personally identify you as source of information so provided. If any other user shares information with you, JSJP encourages you to disclose your privacy practices and respect the privacy of other users.  JSJP cannot guarantee or provide assurance of the privacy or security of your information or that of other users, therefore, you are encouraged to evaluate the privacy and security policies of others with whom you may share any information, whether for public display or reflection in the Site or otherwise. You agree to not use information of any other user for any purpose, except only if and as may be expressly agreed in writing by such other user with you. In every event, you agree not to use information of other users for purposes of solicitation, dissemination of advertising, spam, virus, phishing attack, or potentially malicious, harmful, prohibited or unlawful content or activity.

The Site may use “cookies” in the Site pages for analyzing use or access of the Site, for customizing and providing the Site content and advertising, and for or in connection with the Services or the business of JSJP. Certain features of the Site may be accessible only through the use of cookies. The cookies help identify you and acceptance of them may be required to maintain your access session. If you decline the cookies, your use and access of the Site may be impeded or prevented.

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