Rotoworld® Product Showcase

  • Magic Hole Collection
    Magic Hole Collection

    by Philippe Starck and Eugeni Quitllet for Kartell
    The Magic Hole armchair is a lightweight, sophisticated chair made for use in the garden, terrace, or poolside, suitable for indoors and out. It was created using the rotational molding technique to create its streamlined profiles, straight surfaces ending in nicely rounded curves, slim sectional legs and colored pockets in each arm meant to function as a magazine holder or decorative element.

  • Rotovelo

    by Ben Goodall (Director Trisled HPV, Australia) and manufactured by Melro (Melbourne Rotomould Pty Ltd)
    The Rotovelo is a human powered vehicle (HPV) or recumbent tricycle with an aerodynamic rotationally molded shell or fairing known most commonly as a velomobile. It is the world’s first rotomoulded velomobile to make it onto the commercial market. Its rotomoulded fairing makes it more affordable, durable and practical than most other composite velomobiles.

  • Occassional Table
    Occasional Table

    by Matthias Demacker for Bonaldo, Italy
    The Pebble is a Rotationally Molded side table with soft shapes that are inspired by stones washed smooth by the sea found on the beach. The openings in its body underline the floating lines of the table and also serve as a practical aspect allowing one to store daily belongings like magazines and books in the body of the table. Pebble is available in monochrome and bicolour with various colour combinations such as red, blue, grey, and white for the exteriors, with the inner spaces in white.

  • Rawtation

    by Israeli designer Adi Zaffran Weisler and graduate of the Bezalel Academy of Art in Jerusalem
    Rawtation combines the use of Rotational Molding and raw, un-hewn wood, unlikely materials including tree branches, plants and twigs to create unusual, interesting and green furniture that tests the debate between craft and art.

  • The Total Concept Car
    The Total Concept Car

    by Total Petrochemicals, Feluy, Belgium
    The concept car was developed and fully built by Total to demonstrate the innovative automotive development capabilities of the Total Group. Total will not actually produce “production cars” but the concept car is a useful demonstrator of a pioneering technology for the industry. It was conceived, developed and presented to introduce an innovative and sustainable polymer material technology called Bio-TP Seal®, specifically designed and dedicated to the manufacture of rotomoulded construction-type applications.

  • Flow

    by Zaha Hadid, Iraq
    “Flow” was designed by Hadid and manufactured by Serralunga (Italy). It is a pot with a sinuous shape, different from any point you look at it, and it is made of polyethylene in two versions, either highly lacquered or with an internal light and is made in two huge dimensions (1200mm & 2000mm).

  • Rest Sofa
    Rest Sofa

    by Vondom

  • In-Ground Safety Shelter
    In-Ground Safety Shelter

    by Granger Plastics Company, Middletown, Ohio
    The “In-Ground Safety Shelter” is a safe room designed to provide shelter in case of emergency. Its rotationally molded Polyethylene construction won’t deteriorate, alleviating concerns and maintenance issues that apply to other materials and its Polyethylene ISS will not rust or corrode. The extremely thick 1/2″ double wall construction offers not only the extreme strength of a rotationally molded product, but offers a wall thickness combination that exceeds most single wall units.

  • The Shitake Stool
    The Shitake Stool

    by Marcel Wanders, Holland
    “The Shitake Stool” was designed by Marcel Wanders, Holland, and made by rotational moulding. A shitake is a mushroom that grows on tree trunks and whose name in Dutch means “bench for elves”. Shitake for Wanders is a stool with an irregular and quirky shape, reminiscent of the shape of a mushroom. It is a fun, in-your-face item embellished by the surface, decorated as if covered by raised embroidery. The interior is hollow and closed with a removable plug, so that the stool can be filled with water, sand or another substance.

  • Economix Container
    Economix Container

    by Sinterplast, Italy
    The Economix Container is composed of a hot dipped galvanized steel frame and a rotomolded LMDPE shell. These two materials enabled Sinterplast to produce a very solid container, that can bear big loads for thousands of working hours and at the same time be shock-resistant (handling is generally a quite harsh operation). Matching of a steel frame and a P.E. shell is meant to work with strict tolerances and to take into great consideration the significant differences in linear thermo expansion, which wood have caused a precarious or defective assembly. The desired result was obtained thanks to a tight control of parameters during the production process, by which dimensional tolerances of 0.2% were reached.

  • Klean Guroo
    Klean Guroo

    by Mity-Lite, Orem, Utah
    The Klean Guroo is manufactured by Mity-Lite for InHomeVations, LLC, located in Salt Lake City, Utah. The Klean Guroo is truly the world’s first mobile cleaning closet for the home or office, and was invented by a mother of eight children. Klean Guroo carts have been engineered to solve the age old question, “Where do I put all my cleaning supplies?” It holds and transports all the cleaning tools and cleaners you need for virtually every cleaning task. It’s lightweight, weighing approximately 13 lbs. and doesn’t take up much more space than a traditional vacuum. Like al Kangaroos, it carries with it what’s most important (capable of holding up to 30 cleaning products that are simple to retrieve and replace). Made from durable polyethylene, the cart also features heavy-duty wheels and a swivel caster, perfect for moving around the home or small office.

  • Residential Fuel Tank
    Residential Fuel Tank

    by Schneider Plastics, Inc
    The Rotational Molding industry has long been know for its ability to produce tanks. Those tanks come in many sizes and shapes. The process produces tanks for such applications as agriculture for holding and applying chemicals, for marine/outdoor equipment for fuels and oil and home and RV for water and septic. This tank was designed specifically used in part of South America for holding water used for drinking and for cleaning. These tanks are normally used on the outside of the home, either on the roof top, in the attic, or in some cases, on the ground. The water is is then either gravity fed into the home if the unit is on the roof or in the attic, or by means of a pumping system when the tank is used on the ground.

  • Bubble Club Chair
    Bubble Club Chair

    by Philippe Starck for Kartell
    The chunky yet lightweight forms of Philippe Starck’s Bubble Club Armchair recall classic Chesterfield styling in colorful, weatherproof, UV-resistant, roto-molded polypropylene. Rotational molding allows the polypropylene to have consistent wall thickness, stress-free corners and a lightweight, durable build. Durable enough for use in public spaces, the fade-resistant collection can be used indoors and out for upbeat lounge applications. Inset grooves alongside the seat provide water drainage. Manufactured in Italy by Kartell.

  • Fuel Daddy
    Fuel Daddy

    by Hedstrom
    The 25 gallon Fuel Daddy created from Hedstrom’s in-house design team. Fuel Daddy is Rotomolded with high density cross-linked polyethylene with various cart parts sourced in China. This portable tank is great for safely and easily transporting fuel to your boat, and it will never rust or corrode.

  • The Hippo Roller
    The Hippo Roller

    by Imvubu Projects, South Africa
    The Hippo Roller improves access to water. It is a rotationally molded barrel-shaped container rolling 90 litres (24 gals.) along the ground. It was specifically designed to alleviate the suffering caused by traditional methods of transporting water in buckets. It carries more water, more efficiently. For more information on the Hippo Roller project and to see how you can help…click on “Philanthropy” at

  • Ice Cream Cart
    Ice Cream Cart

    by Linpac Rotational Moulding, Melbourne, Australia
    Rotationally moulded ice cream cart produced for Nestle Peters for the Commonwealth Games. The plastic version replaced metal carts and included a built in Refrigeration unit. The cart has instant Point of Sale appeal and are designed to be totally secure so they can be left on site and locked down for the night.

  • 4n20
    Four’n Twenty Vending Backpack

    by EGR Group, Melbourne, Australia
    The Four’n Twenty is a rotomolded vending backpack used to dispense the country’s ionic “Four’n Twenty” Aussie meat pies. It is lightweight, user friendly, ergonomic and provides a cost-efficient design.

  • MOD-72S-laundry-cart
    MOD-72S Laundry Cart

    by Meese Orbitron Dunne Co.

    This bulk linen cart from laundry product manufacturer Meese Orbitron Dunne Co., Ashtabula, Ohio, features a savvy, internal rib support system that handles 25% heavier payloads on the same footprint as classic cart designs with comparable dimensions yet at a lighter tare weight. Developed for laundries, hotels, resorts, hospitals, nursing homes and other facilities, the durable MOD 72S is rotationally molded of 100% waterproof, weatherproof polyethylene with a smooth, non-metal interior that eliminates the potential to catch shrink wrapped bundles or snap expensive linens.

  • Enigma De Sansone
    Enigma De Sansone

    by Telcome S.p.A.

    Among Telcom S.p.A.’s fine museum collection of rotomolded statuary products is the “Enigma Di Sansone (Sansone’s Enigma). This beautiful piece is rotomoulded statuary art is manufactured for use in the furniture industry, interior design industry and also for exhibition in showroom windows and at art schools. The product is a conversion from the original product made in marble, and later copies made in plaster. Apart from normal trimming operations, there are no secondary processes involved in the manufacture of this product.

  • The Adlisland™ Misting Kiosk
    The Adlisland™ Misting Kiosk

    by A.J. Foppe of Fluid Promotions (design by Greg Stout, Blue Reed)

    A completely interactive product that serves a single purpose – to attract attention to its advertisement. Whether at a ball game, golf course or the zoo with kids, this hot item draws a “cool” crowd. The Adisland™ Kiosk offers a completely unique way to communicate an advertising message by appealing to four of the five senses in addition to triggering the need to satisfy the fifth sense. The Adisland™ Kiosk was designed primarily for outdoor use, although it can be used indoors as well.

  • "Sparky" Roping Machine
    “Sparky” Roping Machine

    by Kaptain Incorproated and High Country Plastics (Graphics by Mold In Graphic Systems®)

    This rotomolded practice steer is a mechanized wheeled device used to train team ropers. It simulates a anatomically correct steer, and its’ rotomolded body provides realistic features making it appear more life-like. The product’s rotomolded body and legs are mounted to a frame, which houses a custom built three horse power electric d/c motor that propels the steer across the arena floor. It is controlled by a remote control unit similar to that which can unlock a car door.

  • Illuminated Bathtub
    Illuminated Bathtub
  • Dodo Stools
    Dodo Stools
  • Mozee Nest
    Mozee Nest
  • Velotaxi
  • Magis Proust
    Magis Proust
  • Cipax Boat
    Cipax Boat
  • School Desk & Chairs
    School Desk & Chairs
  • Street Furniture
    Street Furniture
  • germ_ninja
    Germ Ninja
  • mahee-kayak
    Fatyak Mahee Sea Kayak

    by Deso Engineering, Williton Somerset UK
    The Fatyak Mahee is a dual-purpose (family and fishing) sit-on, tandem kayak for the top end of the market. The Mahee is a one-piece rotationally moulded sea-faring kayak that has no seams or joints and offers moulded-in pad-eye fixings to provide unsurpassed leak protection. Fatyak Kayaks are part of the leisure brand of Deso Engineering, a rotational moulding specialist located in Williton, Somerset UK.