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by Eric Kenney, Quintax Sales Manager, Ferry Industries, Inc.

Quintax SpeedMill E-Series Model 5510 Machining Center with Dual Shuttle Tables

In today’s cost conscience and increased productivity environment, Rotational molders are continually looking for new methods to help them lower their finished goods cost in addition to overhead reduction, improved throughput and most importantly, meeting their customer’s requirements.

End users of 5 axis routers for part trimming immediately recognize the benefits of using CNC technology, one of which is the speed of use. When a double table 5 axis CNC router is applied to a large production quantity part, factory personnel who used to be tasked with just trimming the part can now be multitasked to load the untrimmed part, unload the trimmed part, perform quality assurance inspections and or additional assembly operations and in some cases, final boxing and readying for shipment without increasing the “de-mold to shipping dock” time interval

Switching the part trimming operation from the human element to a machine element reduces worker fatigue and injury, increases finished goods quality by providing an accurate and consistent trimmed product all the while reducing product scrap rates by eliminating hand trimming “slips” and handling damage.

Due to the high speed and accuracy capabilities of today’s machines, it is not uncommon to see individual part trim times reduced by 200-300% including part loading and unloading. Quintax customers are finding that locating a 5 axis CNC router within close proximity to a single or multiple rotational molding machine(s) allows them to create a “lean” work cell environment that is designed to allow for the rapid finishing of parts while reducing the material handling and transfer times often experienced when moving parts from the rotational molding machine to a dedicated trim area staffed with several employees and hand routers.

Quintax 5510 Machining Center with one table in for trimming and the table other out for unloading & reloading

As with any capital expenditure, the same cost justification and cost benefit analysis applies to the purchase of a 5 axis CNC router, however one non-monetary metric that is consistently mentioned is the reduced personnel turnover rate associated with automated trimming operations in rotational molding facilities. Hand trimming of parts is a monotonous, repetitive process that often results in increased worker injury rates associated with cuts from hand held routers and repetitive motion injuries. As with all manual labor operations, production workers typically tire during the course of a shift which also results in injury as well as reduced productivity.

Rotational molders in today’s extremely competitive marketplace understand the use of 5 axis technology can increase their profitability, but also allows them to expand their business without large increases in human resources and floor space.

The Quintax Machining Centers product line of Ferry Industries, Inc., has been producing 3 and 5 axis CNC routers for the rotational molding industry since Ferry Industries acquired the assets of CIS of North Canton, Ohio in 1998. One of the key goals of the acquisition was to enable Ferry Industries to offer post-molding finishing capability to its rotational molding machine customers. Since the first machines rolled out of the factory in the fall of 1998, Quintax has offered a reliable, well built, economically priced router to meet the needs of the rotational molding industry.

Quintax SpeedMill E-Series Model 5510 Machining Center trimming a rotationally molded part

For more information about how a 5 Axis CNC Router can help your business, please contact Quintax Machining Centers, a product of Ferry Industries, Inc. sales@quintax.com or 330.920.9200.


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Quintax CNC Routers and Machining Centers from Ferry Industries

Ferry Industries has completed Phase One of the redesign of its Quintax 5-Axis CNC Router/Machining Center product line. The Quintax line had been a mainstay of Ferry Industries worldwide product offerings to the rotational molding, thermoforming, model and pattern and aerospace industries since 1998, however with rapidly changing customer demands, increased dimensional tolerance requirements and health and safety regulations, commencing in 2009 Ferry Industries embarked on an ambitious project to design a brand new line of 5-axis machining centers for plastics, composites and non-ferrous metal applications. The key metrics that formed the initial design criteria for the new product line were increased safety for the operator, improved environmental conditions related to dust/chip control and noise reduction, increased cutting and rapid travel speeds, tighter machining tolerances, options variability, superior uptime, simplification of installation, operation and service while remaining economically competitive in the respective markets served by Quintax. Employing comprehensive engineering and design practices utilizing finite element analysis, structural testing, 3D modeling, repetitive motion and system reliability tests, Quintax has successfully met or exceeded the initial design criteria allowing the introduction of the Quintax SpeedMill E5 5-axis CNC Machining Centers. The applicable Quintax machines for the Rotational Molding industry include the Quintax SpeedMill E-Series Models 555 (5’ x 5’) 5510 (5’ x 10’) and 5512 (5’ x 12’) in addition to the optional availability of dual shuttle tables for the 5510 models. The machines are fully enclosed for increased operator safety and debris control while allowing for rapid production cycles and ease of part and tooling setup. Ideal for molded part edge trimming, slot and shape milling in addition to precision location and drilling of holes for threaded inserts the Quintax SpeedMill E-Series machines are the new high-speed production tool for rotational molders. Manufactured in the USA, The Quintax SpeedMill E-Series machines offer standard and optional features that include rapid travel rates up to 3,000 inches per minute, liquid cooled, cartridge type spindles rated to 24,000 RPM, multiple CNC control packages, digital part probing, internal lighting packages, dust and chip collection, 3D volumetric machine compensation, continuous C-axis rotation, tele-diagnostics for rapid online machine problem resolution and absolute encoders that eliminate the need for axes homing. Added to the Quintax G5 Series of open gantry machines, the Quintax SpeedMill E5 machining center product offering provides a broad range of work envelope and spindle horsepower capacity unmatched in the industry. As a Ferry Industries product, our customers can be assured of a high quality product that exceeds their expectations every time. Ferry Industries — When Performance Counts. Please visit our factory to see a Speedmill 5512 and double shuttle table 5510 machine during the Association of Rotational Molders fall meeting in Cleveland, Ohio, September 29 to October 1, 2013. Ferry Industries will be a featured stop on the ARM factory tours. For further information on the Quintax product line of Ferry Industries, Inc., please visit www.quintax.com or contact us at sales@quintax.com Phone 330.920.9200 x 137.