Company Profile

Control_panelRotomachinerygroup has been producing rotational moulding machines for several years to the standards of digital industrial production 4.0.

Interfaced with the dosing systems and material transport. Based on the process recipe of every product, the type and quantity of the basic material are pre-set to start the production plan, and it is possible to determine the requirement. The operator, with a laser gun, reads the special bar coded label on the mould and the dosing equipment, fitted with a load cell, prepares the required batch amount, which is conveyed directly into the mould. In this way, the exact quantity is guaranteed, as set by the recipe, with minimum waste and eliminating possible errors. Upstream of the dosing is the transport system, which carries the material set by the recipe in the hopper and feeds the dosing.

Dosing_unitReal-time monitoring of the process data.The machine is equipped with a set of sensors and thermocouples, which supply the data displayed on the touch-screen monitor to verify cooking and cooling temperatures set, the length of the various production phases, rotational parameters, connecting for each product processing data, and the batch of the used material produces an “identity card” of each produced piece for future traceability. For the standard quality verification at the end of each period, a report is generated with all data of each produced piece for future reference.

Real time consumption monitoring. Due to the on-board measuring system, it is possible to monitor and verify the energy consumption of the thermal and electrical equipment. The data can be associated to product, shift, or daily production. The information can be visualized or exported via files with software managing costs analysis, and efficiency.

Interface with company’s server. All process data relating to the production output and the produced pieces coding can be shared with the company’s server for programming raw material purchasing and for planning production for completion of finished articles relating to the logistic and planning of delivered pieces.

Machine’s remote management. The operator’s interface via a touch-screen monitor can be viewed remotely by any internet connected device, such as PC, tablet, or smart-phone. The authorized personnel can therefore see production, check production data, and the process progress. In certain conditions, it is possible to intervene on the machine’s function parameters and manage, in a central way, more machines with the same settings.

Proactive alarm’s management. The system informs the operator of the type of action required in the event of alarms, or in the event of changes in the pre-set parameters, along with the type of instructions required by the machine operator and by the responsible person for the remote settings.

Automatic mould programming. MachineIn real time, the temperature verification functions inside the mould can be left to the machine to adjust itself by determining the length of the cooking and cooling cycle by the action of pre-set temperature steps. When the set temperature planned for cooking the material is reached, the machine is automatically switching to the cooling phase. When the material reaches the desired cooling point, the machine automatically passes to the discharge phase.

The technical Rotomachinerygroup staff in Italy and in Canada are ready and keen to supply and explain all detailed information, in addition to all other innovations regarding energy conservation and savings, re-utilizing energy and optimizing the process, which has made these machines the reference point for cutting-edge technology for the rotomoulding field.