Seljan Company Purchases 450,000 sq-ft Facility

LAKE MILLS, WISCONSIN USA — On July 17th, 2012 Seljan Company purchased a 450,000 sq-ft building near their current plant in Lake Mills, Wisconsin. It may be the largest single-site rotomolding facility in the country. In addition to the building, Seljan’s immediate growth plans include adding a couple more machines to the 5 already running 24 hours/day. Machine 6 is already on the way, with machine 7 close behind.

Founded in 1967 as a tool & die shop, Seljan Company now runs full-scale metal and plastics manufacturing divisions consisting of a variety of manual and automated machinery in two separate buildings, about a mile from each other. From stamping, to laser cutting and robotic welding, Seljan’s Metals Division is equipped to do just about anything.

The genesis of Seljan’s Plastics Division was an introduction to the Rotational Molding process in the early 1980’s making fabricated molds for many molding companies across the country. Around the turn of the century, Seljan Company purchased its first rotational molding machine.

Both division and their customers are supported by an extensive tool & die shop, fabrication department, and design department. The new building will allow Seljan Company to easily consolidate both divisions under the same roof. The first to move into the new space will be the metals division, including the tool & die shop and fabrication department. Next, will be the relocation of the plastics division. The new rotomolding machine will go directly to the new building. Then the other machines will be moved one-by-one, thus making the move as transparent to their customer-base as possible.

The move to the new location will allow Seljan Company to expand its rapidly growing rotational molding custom business, which nicely compliments its growing line of proprietary products, consisting of quality trash receptacles, agricultural irrigation equipment, and funeral products.

Scott Seljan, President and CEO of Seljan Company said he expects to immediately utilize 150,000 sq-ft of the 450,000 sq-ft while reserving another 150,000 sq-ft for expansion. He also plans to lease out the remaining 150,000 sq-ft, and some of the companies that have already expressed interest have indicated that they’re likely to expand their workforces when they move to Lake Mills.

“It’s a win-win-win,” Seljan said of the purchase. “It allows us to hire more people and continue our business expansion with a minimal amount of disruption to our current operations. We’re thrilled to bring back to life this manufacturing plant that has played a significant role in the history of Lake Mills. This is the right decision for our family-run business.”

“We are excited about our growth, but this new facility means the sky is truly the limit,” said Dru Laws, Vice President of Seljan Company.

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