Spineboard Innovation Offers Growth For Leading Medical Equipment Distributor & Rotomolding Leader

by prcwsomrnoprintz on Sep 21st, 2012 in PRC Business News

Alpha Medical Equipment has partnered with Bandel Innovations to distribute the WauK™ board, the newest patient transport device on the market.

Instead of carrying your patient on a backboard you can roll your patient on a WauK™ board.

The WauK™ board is the only backboard with the features of a dolly built in. This patented technology allows for rescuing of patients from the most restricted areas as well as down stairs. This is also extremely helpful in the rescue of bariatric patients as well.

Check out the back saving, career extending WauK™ board at Alpha Medical Equipment in Zimmerman, MN www.alphamedicalequipment.net/ or go to www.waukboard.com for your nearest WauK™ board supplier.

The Wauk™ Board is a patented product by Bandel Innovations, which is revolutionizing the way patients are transported in emergency situations. The Wauk™ Board also allows first responders more efficiency in disasters and mass casualty emergencies.

Alpha Medical Equipment was initially created to focus time, effort and energy towards the rental and resale of durable capital medical equipment in both the hospital and pre-hospital industry. As interests and markets have evolved, Alpha Medical Equipment is now also a leading distributor of medical equipment supplies for the pre-hospital industry. Which includes, but is not limited to alternate care, oral/max, dental offices, EMS, fire, police, law enforcement, prisons, home care, outdoor activities, physician offices, veterinarians and sporting events such as: ATV riding, baseball, basketball, biking, boating, camping, cross-country, fishing, football, golf, gymnastics, hiking, hockey, hunting, lacrosse, racing, racquetball, skiing, snowmobiling, soccer, softball, swimming, tennis, track and field, volleyball, or wrestling.

The Wauk™ Board is manufactured by Rotational Molding leader Granger Plastics, in partnership with Bandel Innovations. Granger Plastics Company is a division of Granger Industries, which provides industry leading solutions to a wide variety of industries from Aerospace, Defense, Medical Equipment, Safety and so much more. To learn more about the internationally recognized leader in Rotomolding, please visit www.grangerplastics.com.

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