Surface Imperfections 
Solved with Water

PSI Brand’s Secret Formula…

Many rotomoulding operators worldwide rely on surface enhancers to solve issues with pin holes, moulding of threads, surface pitting, and to improve imperfections and blemishes on the surface of their products. Most operators would agree that surface enhancer is the fix, and they know that it comes with some real challenges – in particular, the flammability of the airborne solvents created around machinery, the vapors that are inhaled during application and the additional cost this adds to their product. Does this sound familiar to you?

PSI Brand is a world leader in the development of product enhancing strategies such as their world famous peel & stick INMOULD graphics. When they were approached by leading manufacturing companies looking for an effective and efficient alternative, PSI Brand invested in lengthy research and development to create a product that could meet these needs and create a problem solving surface enhancer for the worldwide market – better still, a water based one!

PSI Brand launched their new Water Based Surface Enhancer at the K2013 show in Dusseldorf. Being water based, it allows operators to apply by pressurized spray can or via an air assisted spray gun. Purchasing PSI Brand Water Based Surface Enhancer in bulk makes application to the mould more economical, and with a finer spray made possible, moulders are finding the product coats the mould with a smoother texture – resulting in a brilliant surface finish.

A light coating of PSI Brand Water Based Surface Enhancer is all that is needed to create improved flow of the powder over the treated area during the moulding cycle. The immediate effect will be seen as moulded parts with stuborn blemishes seem to magically disappear.

PSI Brand are currently offering moulders a free sample to prove this for themselves. Brilliant!

Please contact PSI Brand by email or telephone +64 6 834 4808.