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24027 NEMBRO (BG)


Claudia Persico, Managing Director Persico Rotomoulding Division

Phone: ++39 035 4531 812

Sales Contacts

Persico Leonardo Machine
Gaetano Donizetti: Leonardo Machine – Europe, India, China, Africa, Emirates, Australasia
Alberto Carrara: Leonardo – Canada, US, South America

Persico Rotomoulding Equipment
Matteo Cortesi: England, Ireland, Holland, Germany, Turkey, Greece, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Emirates, Mediterranean Countries, Black Sea
Giovanni Novelli: France, Switzerland, Belgium, Francophonie Countries
Stefano Marini: Spain, Italy
Dario Bombardieri: Italy, start up new markets
Sergio Zilioli: Scandanavia, Russia, India, China, Australasia, Canada, US, South America, South Africa

Products & Services

Persico has given shape to ideas since 1976. The Perisco Rotomoulding Division is a world leader in the production of rotational moulding equipment. It is outfitted with 3- and 5-axis CNC milling machine for rotational moulds, a CAD/CAM tooling department and a specialized in-house foundry, with know-how and machinery exclusively dedicated to rotational moulding. Moreover, the Rotomoulding Division is supported by an extensive technical and sales assistance network. This allows the division to provide a complete range of services: from concept to design, engineering, manufacture of prototypes and models, moulds and automation systems for rotational moulding.
  • Carousel Machines – Fixed Arms
  • Carousel Machines – Independent Arms
  • Rock & Roll Machines
  • Shuttle Machines
  • Automated Machines
  • CNC Routers
  • Molds & Patterns
  • Cast Molds
  • Fabricated Molds
  • Machined Molds
  • Mold Release Coatings (Permanent)
  • Product Design
  • Machines Design
  • Mold Design & Engineering
  • Research