What is the Hippo Roller?

The Hippo Water Roller is a barrel-shaped container. Its innovative design allows for 90 litres (24 gallons) of water to be placed inside a rolling wheel.

The Hippo roller enables people to transport almost five times the amount of water than the traditional heavy 20 kilograms buckets.

It was specifically designed to alleviate the suffering caused by traditional methods of transporting water in buckets due to a lack of access to water.

Extensive field tests over many years and various awards have proven the effectiveness of the Hippo Water Roller.

The Hippo roller’s main use is to enable people without water on tap to transport water from distant water sources back to their homes.

  • The Hippo roller is also used for drip irrigation for example in Zambia where small scale cotton farmers use the Hippo roller to water their crops.
  • A wireframe that has been designed to attach on to the roller, transforms the device into a movable casualty bed for the sick or wounded.
  • The same wireframe turns it into a transportable ‘spaza’ shop that includes a shade cover as well as a trolley that can be used to transport products to market.
  • The Hippo roller has been used in test cases as an anti-personnel demining device, whereby it is rolled along the ground to absorb the blast of landmines when filled with water